After having many different dogs in my life as family pets, in 1993,  I came to the
 decision  I wanted a "personal" pet, and according to what I had read, the
 Newfoundland would suit me best in my expectation of a good -hearted , gentle large
  I bought a Newfoundland female puppy whose parents were from Russian origin and
 called her "Lady Dee". After some time, I found out she had bad hips , although she
 has had no motoric problems till lately: at nine years of age, she moves rather stiffly
 and is on chondroitin medication, but apart from that, she is healthy and strong and
 has never been sick in her life.
  I also learnt, that the situation of the Newfoundland in Israel is very poor , and
 having fallen in love with this wonderful breed, I decided to dedicate myself to the
 promotion of the breed here.
  In the meantime, I have been educating myself on the breed : reading, looking at
 pictures of Newfs in other parts of the world, attending shows , contacting breeders in
 other parts of the world. I decided that Dee is not quite the type I want to promote,
 and that, actually, her type of long-muzzled, flat head is ,indeed , not according to the
 breedstandard at all.
  I fell in love with the "American" type of Newf, and was very fortunate to be able to
 purchase in 1998 a lovely female puppy  , Cayuga Our Jubilee from Mr. Manlio
 Massa in Italy.
  I also became active in the committee of our breedclub, and started writing and
 editing a "Newfsmagazine" which I send out to all clubmembers every 3-4 months. 

     Miri Abramson.